Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Flower Power

Hi, well here I go, my very first post ( of hopefully many ) on my very first blog. My aim is to be able to inspire a few crafters, and non-crafters, as I have been inspired by all the people I have watched demonstrating their skills, during my endless quest for crafting knowledge.

I've been crafting in some form or another for MANY years now. I've been a sewer, a knitter and became quite good at crotcheting. Then three years ago the papercrafting bug bit me, BIG time. My spare bedroom is now my craft room, FULL to the ceiling with toys and goodies. I'll post some pickies another day, because it's a mess today.

I hurt my leg at work last week and had to rest, so what better time to make a few embellishments. Flowers, the more the merrier, are very in vogue this season, so I decided to make a few. It all went a bit silly. One positive thing came out of it though, look at all the pretty butterflies my flowers attracted. 

The flowers are printed on supersmooth card, using  various MCS cd's, but mostly countrside garden.The largest flower is 6cms and the smallest 4cms. I just printed them in various colours using the colour changer. I think that's when it all went a bit silly, there are so many combinations. Then I just sat and rested, as told, and cut them all out. Bit mind numbing really, but how industrious. Anyway, I won't need to make flowers anytime soon. I made the flutterbies with a pergamano butterfly grid. I'm just learning how to do parching, so I'm starting off slowly. We can learn together.

Well, must fly. The postman has just been with my latest toy. I have a need to install and play.

I'll see you soon.

Jools. xx