Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cards for the boys

Hi everybody. Been a while since my first post, must try and make time and get into the habit. ( How many times do we make that excuse? ) Anyway, been busy making a few cards for family and friends, so thought I'd share a couple with you, hope you like them.

September is a really busy month for me, does something special happen in December???  :) To make matters worse a lot of them are for males, don't you just love doing cards for the boys.

This one is for my son-in-law's birthday and he's crazy about the grand prix, ANY grand prix. So I found a picture on the web and imported into Craft Artist. I used the eraser tool and rubbed out the driver's eyes, found a photo of my son-in-law and inserted his eyes.

Voila, what would have been a boring card, turned into a more personalised one, and a bit more interesting ( and they'll think me really clever )  I must say, I think he looks the part. Wonder if they'll notice, my sister didn't.

This next card was for a colleague at work. She wanted a card for a male friend's 40th birthday and said that he had a bright red BMW. Didn't have to look much further did I, I love it when people give me the ideas for the card.

Decided on an easle card for this one, I must say, most of my cards are easel cards at the moment, I enjoy doing them and I think they give you a lot of scope. Loads of room to put embellishments on too, such as ribbons, buttons, hat pins, flowers, card candy, gems, need I go on, I think you get the gyst. I suppose that may be one of the main reasons BOY cards are difficult, you can't really cover them with bows and flowers, but I digress.

I made a chequered flag type backing paper and tiled 40 all over it in both red and black, using MCS professional,  absolutely  LOVE that graghics programme. The numbers were cut out using my Cricut expression and holograph card, any font really, I just wanted nice bold letters. Finally, the main body of the card was cut  out using Spellbinders grand nestabilities dies, labels 1. The main image was  mat and layered onto holograph card to match the numbers, and to finish, a stop bar using the smaller nestabilities, again, mat and layered onto holograph card.   Quite simple really, but I put it into a box to make it a bit more special and was told he loved it.

See ya soon.

Jools. x

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