Friday, 31 January 2014

Gelli Plate Here I Come, Ready or Not.

Hi Guys'

Well, what a foul day, there's a right storm blowing up here in Spalding. So what better place to be than in the warm, in my craft room, playing. No.... creating. My poor little dog isn't happy though, she can't understand why I won't let her out to run around in my BOG of a garden, then come running back into the house, muddy paws and all. She just sits by the patio doors, staring all forlorn down the garden. Oh well, she'll learn.

I've been busy on my computer for a couple of weeks creating my website to start a little hand made wedding invitation and stationery business. It's something I've wanted to do for ages and I know there are loads of websites already out there, but hey, nothing ventured and all that. Here's a little collage of some of my work. I have a bedroom full of samples now. My brain needed a rest though, I'd no idea there'd be so much work in it.

So today I decided to play with my new 'Gelli Plate Kit' that my children bought me for Christmas. I'm not one for messy crafting really, I like clean digi crafting, so this is going to be interesting.

So, Gelli plate, check, brayer, paint, stencils, card, copy paper, inks and brushes, check, and here I go. Barbara makes it look so easy, I'm sure I'm going to struggle, but hey, if Martyn can do it, why not me? 

Here's my first attempt. I realised pretty quickly, that I wasn't putting on enough paint, hence the overkill on this first one. I quite like it though.

This second one has an aperture, done in nice bright colours, and by now I'm feeling more confident. I must say though, I'd no idea the finish would be quite so rough, I expected smoother.

No stopping me now, come on, I have to dirty ALL my stencils, they are brand new. I ended up getting a bit carried away, but I figured, if I'm going to make a mess, may as well make a batch. Bit like baking.

Have to say though, one of my favourites is the last one I made. I just smothered the Gelli plate in titanium white, to remove all the old paint and didn't really expect anything special, but take a look, it's lovely.

Anyway, off to add some distress inks and make my masterpieces into cards, still got some new unused stamps that I got for Chrimbles to try out.  I've got quite a few to make, so I'll post them when they're done.

Hope you enjoyed reading about me getting my feet wet and if you thought you couldn't do it, it's made you think again. It certainly has me. Oh, and thanks Barbara, it's your inspiration that got me started.

Thanks for popping by, do come again.


Jools.  xxxx



  1. Hi Jools, Goodluck with the Wedding Card business, your samples look beautiful. Also your Gelli Plate prints are fabulous! My favorite is the top one and then next the 2nd one :) Happy Weekend, Shirleyx

    1. Nice to see you again Shirley, thanks for popping by. xx