Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Humorous Male 70th Birthday Card with Craft Artist Professional.

Hello everone,

My Mum asked me to do a card for her friend's 70th birthday. I asked if he liked golf, football, gardening, fishing, the answer to all was no. So what do you make a male ( you know my phobia by now ) who seems to like NOTHING? 

There is one thing I do know about him, he has a wicked sense of humour, so there was the answer. So here is the card I decided to do.

It's a one layer card, designed in Craft Artist Professional and printed on photo paper. I love the finished article, it's hard to believe it's flat isn't it. That's the clever program, it allows you to add shadows to everything. All the embellishments are from various digi kits. I think the pegs are great, it really looks like the topper is hung up. I couldn't resist putting some ink blots and coffee cup stains on. It makes it look really blokey.

A happy birthday and a 70 in red  and it's done. I hope he likes it and isn't offended.   

Thanks for stopping by my blog and do come again.

Jools.  xxx


  1. Brilliant! I KInew you could do it.

  2. What a great male card for the man who is into nothing!!!! I'm sure he will love it.

    Pat xx