Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Easel drawer card, The Boxer board and Tatty Ted.

Thought I'd show you a couple of the drawer cards I made using The Boxer Board from Crafter's Companion. My friend Sue says that I like faffing, I think she may be right.


The drawers are easy to make, you just have to make sure all the measurements are accurate. Then it's finished off with a standard easel card,in this case a standard 6x6 scalloped card. My Docrafts 'Tatty Ted' cd is the perfect accompaniment. I don't know what I did before I got this cd, it covers everything, and the colours are gorgeous.

Here it is with the drawers open. They even have drawer liners, sweet. I thought it could be used as a gift card, the drawers are easily big enough to put earings and bobbles and other girly things in. It should have a proper name though, what about a 'Cift', or a 'Carft', any suggestions?

Grand nestability big scalloped circles were used for the pink and blue mats. I'm getting so many different shapes it's getting silly, everytime I think I've got a good selection and don't need any more, they bring new ones. What about you? Have you seen the new 'Cut-fold-tuck' range that is out in late March? Yum.

Finish off with a few flowers and we all know about them, I do have quite a lot. If you don't, have a glance at my very first post, you'll understand. So there you have it, a 'Carft' fit for a princess.

Couldn't stop there though, could I? Did I mention that Tatty Ted is a double cd and the second one is for Christmas?

Again, I just love the colour scemes on this one. Contemporary, yet traditional at the same time. I used hologragh card for this one and of course, used my licence to glitter.  Grand labels one were used for this carft and a Martha Stewart snowflake instead of flowers, glittered of course.

Thanks for visiting and looking forward to reading some of your suggestions and keep it clean, I shock easily. :)


Jools. xxx


  1. These are just so lovely x

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Gemma and for leaving your nice comment. They were surprisingly easy to make, I thought they'd be more difficult. Nice to have you as a follower. Jools. xx